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The DTV Shredder is an all terrain, all season fun machine. Radical in style yet exhilarating and easy to ride. A sensational mix of snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and jetskiing on land not to mention one exceptional conversation piece.


Initially designed for military and recreational use on dirt, mud, sand and snow, the DTV Shredder has revolutionized the Powersports market and pushed boundaries for demographics while adding a new market segment where the DTV Shredder stands alone. Everybody – everywhere wants a DTV Shredder.

About the Technology


With unpredictable weather seasons and growing costs for seasonal Powersports products, we set our sights on a product that can be enjoyed almost anywhere all year round. With two tank style tracks propelled by a 208cc engine and a skateboard-style steering mechanism controlled by the pivoting deck, the DTV Shredder can navigate the most challenging terrain all while putting a big smile on your face.

Building an all-new machine from scratch allowed our engineers to think outside the box, way outside the box. The skateboard style control deck and the dual CVT transmission is a testament to innovative thinking. Directional control influenced through the control deck, lean left you turn left, lean right you turn right in a fluid motion. Add to that, speed sensitive steering for greater stability at higher speeds.

The DTV Shredder appeals to multiple market segments including; recreational, hunting, touring, agriculture, security and utility to name a few with military interest. Whatever the use, if the off-road is your playground, the DTV Shredder is sure to provide adrenaline-pumping excitement for its owners.

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